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Our Strategy


Consistently delivering quality service through our competent and agile leadership. Investing in innovative ways, rapid  expansion, and process optimization of our over the top assets in order to deliver continuously increasing Revenue and cash flow year on year.

Our strategy is underpinned by focusing on safety, selection of assets, and sustainability, thereby driving value for all our stakeholders.

Our strategic objectives:
1.) Business Rationalization – Positioning Elton ready mix concrete for Successful and Sustainable future.

2.) Driving Efficiencies – Foster and maintaining a culture of lean business operating cost.

3.) Innovative behaviors –Forster, Reward, and maintain a culture of innovation in all levels of our operations.

4.) Optimization of our production lines – improving operating margins at each of our sites.

5.) Working responsibly – Our commitment to responsible operations with due regard to society, environment, and laws.

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