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Concrete Vibrators


The process of vibrating concrete is a vital part of any concrete pour which cannot be overlooked. Concrete vibration is described as the process which expels entrapped air from freshly placed concrete and packs the aggregate particles together so as to increase the density of concrete.

Fresh concrete does not compact by itself because the poor fluidity cannot surpass internal friction. Only vibration can overcome this force.

In fact, vibration promotes:

  • surfacing of air bubbles captured in the concrete;
  • displacement of aggregates resulting in a reduced cavity and giving high density and perfectly even material;
  • adhesion of the concrete to the reinforcement armature bars or any inner structural inserts.

Vibrating concrete is critical because by removing air pockets & packing the aggregate particles together, it increases the density and strength of the concrete. Tightly packed particles will result in a stronger, more durable concrete structure. Concrete that has not been vibrated is full of small air pockets (sometimes known as honeycombing) which results in a poor finish and weak structure.

Key Benefits

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