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All of our ready mix concrete products are made to your specifications, be it for builders, engineers, developers or architects. You tell us what you need and we deliver, it is as simple as that.
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Normal Concrete

From general foundations to cabs and slabs, we make what you need to your exact slump specifications. We also comply to SANS strength regulations from 15 Mpa to 40Mpa.

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Pumpable Concrete

Getting to those hard-to-reach places is a tough job. That is why our pumping service gets the job done for you. Our concrete is suitable for a concrete pump with high workable flow strength from 20Mpa to 40Mpa.

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Swimming Pool

Each pool design is different, and we understand that. That is why we mix to your requirements and feature better handling for manual application.

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Other mixes

We offer a wide range of mixes, including screed mixes, fibre reinforced concrete, steel fibre reinforced concrete and colour concrete.

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Creative, Innovative, Value adding green company that achieves ZERO WASTE.

We are proud to be the foundation, the pillar of your home, roads and bridges to help you reach your destination.

Elton Ready Mix Concrete is an independent supplier of top-quality concrete at a few clicks of a button. Our concrete is manufactured to your specifications while adhering to SANS strength regulations, and what’s more, we achieve this without breaking the bank.

While concrete consistency and quality are key, we go the extra mile by delivering your ready mix concrete in time for you to make your construction deadline and ensure close to zero waste. After all, we know how important timely delivery and material efficiency is for your construction project as well as the preservation of future generations.

We supply ready mix concrete to Pretoria, Mamelodi, Irene, Midstream, Centurion and surrounding areas. Get in touch now, we’re ready for your order no matter the size!

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